Multi Climate Cabinet

The multi climate storage solution for your own lab. Five different climate zones within one cabinet. Easy to use, cost efficient, space optimized and reduced energy consumption.

Competitive Advantages

Compared to conventional climate storage the Multi Climate Cabinet has the following competitive advantages:

 80% space saving

Only one foot print for the Multi Climate Cabinet is required compared to
five times a foot print for five conventional climate cabinets.

 Up to 80% energy saving

Less energy loss due to small form cabinet and all chambers nearby
each other.

 Local sample storage

Climatised sample storage in your own lab possible due to:
• Significant smaller foot print compared to five conventional climate cabinets
• Significant lower cost than five conventional climate cabinets
• Sufficient sample storage volume for a single lab


Technical Specification

Height / width / depth: 833 / 564 / 782 mm
Total no of drawers: 5
No of drawers with peltier elements: 1
Temperature range: 5 – 30°C (± 2°)
No of drawers with heaters 4
Temperature range: 30 – 90 °C (± 2°C)
Humidity control range: Ambient to 90% RH (± 5 % RH)
Max. temperature difference for adjacent drawers: 30°C
Usable area per drawer: 450 mm (with) x 400 mm (depth)
Usable height per drawer: 75 mm
Storage capacity of drawer: 10 dm3
External supply: 230 V, compressed dry air (humidity control)

Examples of applied workflows:


Shelf life estimation
Packaging selection of drug and formulations
Conditioned raw material storage