Your challenge

Either the workflow exists in a laboratory and consists of time-consuming routine procedures that are sensitive to external influences such as human work. Or the workflow involves expensive devices that are operated manually and not applied in an optimum way. Would you prefer to be more productive and therefore work more efficiently?

Our solution

We automate your work process beginning with manual operation right through to implementation of the device for automated workflow. Further, we advise and support you with the introduction of new appliances. We valid ate automated workflows and train the operators of the devices. If required, we also perform overall project management from the product requirements right through to documentation.

Our services comprise the sample preparation for your fluid chromatography, storage of your samples in a controlled climate, processing of gasses and fluids, extractions, automatic handling of your samples, or simply the automation of your own specific workflow.



Your advantage

You can submit the product requirements to us or develop these in cooperation with us. Irrespectively of this, you do not pay us until the workflow has been automated in accordance with these requirements. Guaranteed in a relaxed way.

Our services

We have many years‘ experience in the development of laboratory devices in the following disciplines:

  • Automatic sample preparation
  • Automatic stability testing
  • Sample handling
  • Automatic filter extraction
  • Automatic environmental analyses
  • Climatised storage systems